The best exercise for golfers is golfing. 
Bobby Jones


While we won't argue with that statement, Detroit Golf Club knows that sometimes you may want a change of pace. With our well-equipped fitness center onsite, Members can burn calories on the treadmill or build a little muscle with the weight machines.  Our fitness center has a very private, personal feel and we strive to make all Members feel welcome. 

The Club offers a variety of cardiovascular training equipment as well as resistance training machines and free weights.  Golfers can enjoy private instruction or take part in small group TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) sessions.  Our fitness center is a wonderful option throughout the entire year, however, it specifically compliments our indoor winter golf activities - - keeping Members in shape and ready for the first tee.     

Golfers say it’s a game of inches, the five or so between the ears, but our machines will help you reduce inches in a number of other areas.


625 T Cybex Treadmills
XLC900 elliptical
Cybex Arc Trainer
Cybex Stationary Bike
S-300 Stretch Machine
Deluxe Multi-Bench
Core Ab


FT325 Functional Trainer
VR1 Chest Press
VR1 Lat Pull
VR1 Dual Leg Ext/Seated Curl

Medicine Ball Rack 6-Tier
Horizontal Dumbbell Rack 2 Tier
10 PR. Neoprene DB Rack- USA
Ball Stacker set of 3 - Bodysport