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Through the Years

Founded in 1899 by William R. Farrand and several close friends, Detroit Golf Club remains an exclusive private golf club to this day. The original leaders first limited membership to 100 golfers and the Clubhouse was closed on Sundays. Through the years, we’ve grown well beyond our initial roster, but our dedication to providing an upscale, golf-centered private experience has never wavered. 

Early in our existence, a six hole course turned into nine holes and later eighteen holes.  Further, not one but two unique Clubhouses were built with our first opening in 1906. Through the first 25 years of prominence, Detroit Golf Club quickly transformed into what we know it to be today. By 1916, our two Donald Ross-designed courses were completed and 1918 saw the completion of our permanent Albert Kahn designed Clubhouse. We have improved upon these stately fixtures over the last 100 years, but the traditional feel and sense of comfort remains.

As the times changed we added several features to enhance the member experience; notably our aquatics center, athletic facilities, children’s amenities, casual dining options and many others. There continues to be improvements made to the course as well, but as with everything, there is a strong desire to preserve the unique history of the Club and our courses.

  • Our Courses
    • When it comes to premier golf courses, Detroit Golf Club is in select company. Donald Ross, architect of both the North and South courses, was the highest regarded course designer of the first half of the 20th century. Hailing from Dornoch, Scotland, he spent the long off-season sketching golf holes. At 18, Ross began a two-year summer internship at St. Andrews under the legend himself, Old Tom Morris.

      He later moved to the US and worked as a golf professional. Ross enjoyed good success at the tournament level. When he landed at Pinehurst his career as a course architect found its first milestone in Pinehurst #2. By the end of his career, Ross had designed over 600 courses around the world. Detroit Golf Club proudly offers its members 36 examples of the master's finest work.

  • Our Professionals
    • For over a century, Detroit Golf Club has been home to several of the game's greats. Our professionals have hoisted many of golf's top trophies throughout the years, including the US Open, the PGA Championship and the Canadian Open. Perhaps the most notable achievement was Horton Smith's win at the first ever Masters Tournament in 1934, a feat he later repeated again in 1936.

      While we appreciate what they bring to the world-wide sport, it's their impact on our Members we cherish most. Detroit Golf Club's professionals ensure we give you an unparalleled golf experience.

  • Our Superintendents
    • Everyone knows that premier golf courses are often an example of natural beauty, but their quality and maintenance doesn't happen naturally. It takes great care and attention to detail to ensure our courses are always at their best. Just as the position has evolved from “greenskeeper” to “superintendent”, the technology and techniques are constantly changing.

      Detroit Golf Club has been on the cutting edge of these changes, helping to keep our courses in top shape. From unprecedented heights in mowing to state-of-the-art irrigation to the modern science of turf management, our superintendents are always looking for ways to improve your next round.